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New Chemistries - Octane Booster

Octane Booster

Production Chemical Group is delighted to bring to the market an outstanding and revolutionary Octane Booster.

The result is better protection of engines and the environment and the elimination of a major underground water pollutant which is the cause of a worldwide controversy. The outstanding properties of the FCM technology in terms of combustion improvement help substantially reduce harmful emissions.

In general the Fuel Combustion Modifier technology has proven effective in power plants, factories, military, and commercial applications, construction, farms, trains, ships, heavy equipment, cars, trucks and anything that consumes gasoline or diesel along with fuel oil.

There are major advantages of using Octane Booster:

• Very low emissions

• Reduction in acid rain

• Reduction in fuel consumption

• Reduction in Equipment failures

• Reduction in Maintenance costs

• More power for every gallon

The refiner, the distributor, the equipment, the consumer and the environment, all benefit from replacing common additives such as MTBE, ETHANOL, ETBE,  and ORGANOMETALLIC compounds with Octane Booster containing the Fuel Combustion Modifier technology.

Still many refineries around the world have not been upgraded with the latest technologies since their construction to maximize production of gasoline. As a consequence many refiners and fuel distributors import high octane gasoline and other components that are blended to make a gasoline that meets fuel specifications. Unfortunately they have had no recourse but blending controversial chemicals such as organometallics and oxygenates to their gasoline blend stocks.

For those refiners there are only two alternatives:

1. Upgrading refineries that require:

Large capital investment

Costly catalysts and more costly when ran at maximum severity

Five to Ten years project implementation

2. Blend a non organometallic, non oxygenate component that is able to increase the octane of gasoline to the required levels and at the same time help produce a clean fuel.

Our US associate has Production Plants in India, China

Tolling partners in the United States

Products sold in more than 45 countries in all continents

Products custom designed to improve fuel quality and efficiency

Products to replace increasing list of chemicals that are being banned worldwide.


• Reduce engine maintenance cost remarkably.

• Prolong engine life.

• Carburettor / injectors will remain “New & Clean”

• Reduce engine “Wear & Tear”.

• Fuel consumption will be reduced by 5%.


• Improve engine combustion remarkably.

• Reduces or inhibits Hydrocarbon Emission.

• Dramatically reduces smoke and polluting exhausts.

• Reduces Toxic Emissions


For information on any of our products or services please use our enquiry form or contact your nearest regional office.