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PC Nano Coating


For information on any of our products or services please use our enquiry form or contact your nearest regional office.

 PC Nano Coating

A specially formulated advanced “NANO” composite coating combined with our specialised insitu pipeline application techniques, which results in an ultra-slick, low-friction; abrasion resistant internal surface for increased pipeline efficiency.


Nano Coating is the process of applying nanostructures to surfaces for the purpose of sealing them on a nanoscopic scale. This coating layer thickness in typically between 1-100 nanometers. It creates a self-organized, hydrophobic (water repelling) layer of nanoscale thickness, and through covalent and chemical bonding, becomes one with the substrate itself. This coating is applied very easily using a ‘Pig-batch’ method, then dry air purging is carried out to cure the coating.

Rougher pipes cause large pressure drops, higher energy input and reduced capacity. With PC Nano Coating the smoother surface creates laminar flow at the internal boundary, thus helping to achieve maximum flow capacity.  

Advantages of PC Nano Coating:

Advanced nanocomposite coating is unlike any traditional coating commercially available

Proprietry specialty formulated coating with manufacturing capabilities in US and Singapore

Superior specialized application expertise and techniques that can be performed in-place on long pipeline sections of any diameter

Meets International specification API 5L2 for factory internal coating of gas transmission pipelines

Minimal surface preparation and out-of-service time

Abrasion resistant, not damaged by routine pigging and ILI inspection tools

Predictive and measurable performance increases can be estimated, and actual results documented after line put back in service.