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PC Biocides

PC CI 2100  

A ready-to-use aqueous solution of film forming fatty amine derivatives particularly suited for water injection systems. Also   acts   as   a biocide capable of controlling sulphate reducing bacteria.

PC CI 2101    

A ready to use aqueous solution of fatty acids and fatty amines derivatives designed to protect against carbon dioxide corrosion. It is dispersible in both water and oil. Thus it is effective on oil/water mixtures.

PC CI 2111     

A ready to use water-soluble blend of cationic, anionic and non-ionic surface active agents. Particularly suited for solids free aqueous packer fluid including brines.  Also has a biocidal action including control of sulphate reducing bacteria.


PC CI 2110     

An aqueous blend of film forming fatty amine derivatives and a solution of ammonium bisulphite.   It's a dual function of corrosion protection and Oxygen scavenging is particularly suitable for water -based drilling fluid applications.

PC CI 2108   

A quaternary ammonium compound which has Biocidal properties and is an excellent Corrosion inhibitor. Completely water soluble and ideal in water floods.

PC CI 2134

Highly stable and  ready to use Complete Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor, ideal for the protection of flow lines & trunk lines for both crude and gas transportation, works in wide range of temperature and pressures.

PC CI 2117

An Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor with slight dispersibilty in water - Alkyl Amido Amine with imidazoline– Ideal for both sour and sweet environment in wide range of temperature and pressures. Effective in Gas transmission pipelines for both batch and continuous treatment.

PC CI 2119

A complete Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor – Amine Base product – ideal to inhibit sweet corrosion in high water cut Wells and flow lines – Stable at high temperature can be used in down hole conditions.

PC CI 2116      

A ready to use aqueous mixture of fatty acids, fatty amine derivatives and a volatile amine. Particularly designed to protect against carbon dioxide corrosion in both the liquid and vapor phases of oil and gas pipelines and gathering systems.

PC CI 2151    

A ready to use hydrocarbon solution of fatty amine derivatives soluble in oil and dispersible in water. Designed for protection   of   oil   pipelines    and gathering systems against carbon dioxide corrosion.

PC CI 2152    

A  ready  to  use  aromatic  hydrocarbon solution  containing  a  blend of  fatty acids  and  fatty   amine derivatives. Designed  to  protect  Oil  wells   and pipelines  against  carbon  dioxide  and  hydrogen sulphide attack. It is soluble in oil and dispersible in water. Can be used in diluted form for `squeeze’ treatment.

PC CI 2195    

A 90%   active   solution   of   di-isopropanolamine, appropriate for cold weather storage and handling. Acts as a solvent to strip acid gases from sour gas streams, especially where sulphur is recovered as a commercial commodity.



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