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PC Drag Reducers

PC DRA 2004

PC DRA 2004 is a Drag reducing agent specifically designed for use in hydrocarbon liquid pipelines.

PC DRA 2004 is specifically designed to reduce the frictional pressure within the flow of a pipeline or conduit. Acting as buffers along the pipe wall. DRAs are long chain hydrocarbon polymers that decrease the amount of energy lost in turbulent formation.

Using drag reducing agents enables operators to increase flow capacity, while reducing costs on equipment associated with pumping of fluids. PC DRA 2004 is a vegetable oil based polymer suspension drag reducing agent for use in hydrocarbon liquid pipelines. Manufactured using highly advanced production processes to maximize product properties for abating turbulence. PC DRA 2004 is also designed to ensure easy handling and stays homogeneous with mild intermittent agitation. The unique formulation makes it suitable for broad applications in crude oil. PC DRA 2004 dissolves into the treated hydrocarbon stream and does not deposit on pipeline walls.

PC DRA 2004 must be injected into a pipeline using a high pressure positive displacement pump. Typical application dosages are between 5 and 30 ppm. Drag reduction of more than 80% is possible.

N.B. We can ship powdered form for blending the DRA within country to fulfil local content requirements.


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PC DRA G reduces the flow friction of gas pipelines and thus increase the gas throughput. The product is a yellow liquid with pH at 6-8. It is rated as non-flammable, non-corrosive, nonoxidizing, low toxic, non-psychotropic or anaesthetic. The product is suitable for transportation on land, sea, and air. PC DRA G is a mixture composed of polymers with octanol, dispersant, and surfactant. It offers good drag reduction and transmission enhancement effects on various gas pipelines with compatibility with most chemical additives for pipelines. It presents no side effects on gas pipelines and the gas being transmitted.

PC DRA G has good environmental and temperature adaptability and can be used in almost any climatic conditions from cold to hot climates. This product usually requires a metering pump to be injected. The drag reduction or increase in throughput reaches its maximum when the additive fills the pipeline.