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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Removal


For information on any of our products or services please use our enquiry form or contact your nearest regional office.

Hydrogen Sulphide is extremely common in oil & gas operations but can be extremely dangerous if not dealt with promptly and effectively.

At Production Chemical we have designed a method to remove H2S from all 3 phases of Oil/Gas production and convert the liquid sulphur into solid sulphur which can be sold to generate revenue.

The Process:

1.  An amine plant is created/utilised for extraction of H2S from the Gas.

2.  The sweet gas produced from the amine plant is then used in the following 2 processes:

A.  Bubbled through an extraction stripping  tower for removal of H2S from the produced water

B.  Bubbled through an extraction stripping tower for the removal of H2S from the Oil.

3.  A sulphur recovery unit producing elemental sulphur.

This unique process does not involve gas flaring and therefore is far more environmentally friendly than some traditional methods. This solution can be installed and commissioned at site within 12-14 months of submitting final engineering report.

For more information on this process please contact us.